David Sauerwein

AI/ML @ AWS PhD in Quantum Physics Previously Faculty / MPQ


I am an AI/ML lead consultant at AWS Professional Services.

I help the largest AWS customers define AI/ML strategies, build ML teams, develop ML solutions and deploy them at scale.

I have led projects across various areas of applied ML, including computer vision, tabular ML, forecasting, explainability, generative AI, and optimization, as well as in diverse industries such as manufacturing and industrials, automotive, healthcare and life sciences, and government.

I particularly enjoy working at the intersection of different ML domains or the intersection of ML with other fields. Examples include my work on digital twins and quantum computing (see blog).

I also get hands-on with the many other aspects required to make ML work in the real world, from data engineering, DevOps/MLOps to application development and people and process changes.

I regularly share my experience on LinkedIn and in blog posts. For example, I am co-author of the blogs introducing the AWS Digital Twin Framework and of posts showing how best practices from ML can be used in quantum computing.

Previously, I worked at Faculty in London as a Data Scientist. Before that I completed my PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Innsbruck and the Max Planck Institue for Quantum Optics, focussing on quantum information & computation. You can find my papers on Google Scholar.

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